Worth It

I wrote this for a friend that was struggling with a lot of self doubt. But applies to all of us.


Worth It

At times you may feel it’s not worth the price–

It’s too hard to keep fighting against it.

The path is too steep. Each step takes a slice

Of your heart from trying to resist it.

You’re weary and tired, beat-up and battle-worn.

Temptation just keeps right on banging.

You feel hope has died, you cry and you mourn,

Still, confusion and sadness are reigning.

“Why me? Why this? Why now? Father, why?

“Is anyone there? Does anyone care?

“I want to be free. Please, help me see.

“Are you listening? Please answer my prayer!”

Yes, my child. I am here. Be still. I do care.

The answers… you hold in your heart.

This fight we will win – this fight against sin.

Follow me. That is where you must start.

Have hope! Courage take! Healing will come.

You can’t finish until you begin.

I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

I will help you if you’ll let me in.

My path is simple, I’ll guide you along –

Though easy it never will be.

You’ve fallen, I know. So get up and grow!

Come home to my arms and you’ll see…

I can move mountains;

Hearts can be changed;

Forgiveness extended to he

Who truly repents

Who offers his heart

Broken, and contrite spirit, to Me.

The blessing of peace will come in due time.

The price I have already paid.

The road may be long, full of sorrow and grief,

But it’s worth it! Hold on and have faith.

Yes, it’s worth it. And son, so are you.


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