Untying the Knot

How do I start to untangle this know?

Where do I begin to untie this mass

of illusions, desires, daydreams and habits?

My hopes, dreams and wishes,

all confused?

I prayed, I was answered,

I think I understood.

I felt peace.

So why are there still so many questions

tumbling in my mind?

What am I not seeing?

I know I must learn to trust in the Lord

with all my heart.

But… must I always feel so lost,

so weary?

Have I really been so blind

that I’ve missed God’s path?

Or is there a higher plan

for all that has happened?


All my beliefs – that’s who I am.

Everything that makes me Me

is tangled, knotted confusing.

When did simplicity die

and chaos take its place?

Why is there this formless worry

aching in my soul?

Threatening to erupt into, what?

I’ve lost who I am –

I’ve become what I’m not.

I am a woman, a daughter, a person of worth –

I am me.

But somewhere along the way,

I got lost.

Who am I?

Yesterday is only a shadow

of what Today will become


Someday, the Truth will bring

Someone to set me free.




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