There may be some who do not know just who

She really is, but she’s still there for you.

There are a few who’ve never known her kind

And loving touch, but all they need to find

Is someone like her who can help them when

They need a friend to understand them, then

Give them advice. She’s always close at hand,

Though sometimes she just cannot understand

The things you do and say because she wants

The best for you. She loves you and she flaunts

All of your great abilities to show

The world how even she can help you grow.

By following her knowing heart, she seems

To be the kind of person who sees dreams,

And reaches for those lofty goals whate’er

The stumbling blocks may be. She’s always there

To lift you up so high. She never will

Give up on you. The same as then, she still

Is now, she never changes throughout time.

Thus by her deeds, she stands aside, sublime

As anyone who ever stood the pain

She’s borne for us. She gladly helps us gain

Our goals – encourages us so that we

May fully comprehend what we may be –

If only we rely on what she’s shown.

If ever you have lost your way, she’s known

That path before. She lives that we may seek

To find the way to live and become meek

As once we were in innocence as she

Did give us life. She made us what we be

Today. And evermore will be the one

Who simply loves us all – whate’er we’ve done.

A Mother she is now, and evermore

Will be. She is the woman we adore.



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