Where innocence and peace once slept

Now fear seeks to destroy.

A virulent darkness seeks to confine

Any last vestiges of joy.

Poison seeps throughout his heart

And finds the goodness there.

The battle rages on while hope

Of victory gives way to despair.

A mass of chaos fogs his mind

As he tries to find the sense

Of being and purpose that he once knew

While still in innocence.

His lonely heart seeks comfort through

The curses of mankind –

Further blocking light and truth

From entering his mind.

In time, the darkness become a “friend”,

Slowly killing his soul.

The “familiar” comfort found within

Leaves him without control.

As he quickly spirals further down

Toward torment evermore,

He once more glances at the light

From one last open door.

A shining ray of vibrant hope

Cuts through his deep despair,

And pierces him with blinding grace.

Almost more than he can bear.

So used to dark, he turn away,

Unsure of what to do.

He cannot comprehend the chance

He has to become new.

He sits and waits, afraid,

To change what he has known.

He doesn’t realize that he’s

Never been standing alone.

Unconditional love abounds

As he reaches for the light,

And finds happiness does indeed exist –

And is still within his sight.




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