A fire burning

Deep in my soul –

Searing my heart

As I search.

Answers –

Answers to questions.


Why am I alone?

Why can’t I find my path?

Why don’t I know?


I am afraid.

No one knows me.

I can’t let anyone in.

I’m trying.

I just can’t quite reach.

Peace – I Am here.

You do know why.

You aren’t alone –


The answer is yes.

You do.

You know your path.

Follow your dreams.

Never let the truth go.

Your dreams are still there


Waiting for you

To find them.

I have already given you

The answers.

You just have to know

Where to look.

Open your heart.

Let beauty and peace

Radiate a gentle calm.

Let the Spirit soothe,

Your troubled soul.

Trust in Me.

I love you.

The quiet strain

Calling to your timid heart:

Answer it.

“Men are that they might have joy.”

You are blessed.

You are strong.

You can make it,

And it will be worth it.

Look deep. Search –

The answer has been there

All along.

Vaya con Dios.


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