An Eye Single

I want to give my all –

All my heart,

All my might,

All my mind,

All my strength.

This is what He requires.

But I am imperfect –

My heart wanders,

My might dimmed by the natural man,

My mind looking too far ahead,

My strength spent elsewhere.

And so, I must overcome.

I have the perfect Example –

He gave his heart – and it broke;

He gave his might – and they refused it;

He gave his mind – and they didn’t understand;

He gave his strength – and gave his life.

All this, He did for me.

So I must surge onward –

Though my heart may break,

Though my might seem wasted,

Though my mind feel weary,

Though my strength leave me.

And the day will come when,

With the blessings of Heaven surrounding me –

My heart will be filled to overflowing,

My might be rewarded with eternal treasure,

My mind will commune in peace and love,

My strength be restored to carry forth.

And by my side, the dream of yesterday, today and forever.

We will be One.

Our hearts beating together.

Our might lifting one another,

Our minds focused on love,

Our strength spent in building our kingdom.

And joy and happiness will surround us.

I must start now.





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