An Answer

Why her? Why now? Why this? Why us?

Does anyone care? Is anyone there?

Why is this happening?

Our feelings we’ve shared, our emotions we’ve bared.

We’ve tried to be strong. What have we done wrong?

Please help us, dear Father. In Thy name we pray.

Help us and lead us and show us the way.

We’re listening, we hear, we’ve always been near.

Dear children, be calm – you’ve nothing to fear.

It’s part of the plan; she’s happy, she’s safe.

All of us care. Hold on and have faith.

Don’t be afraid, when you’re feeling low, to let the tears flow.

Stick by each other, as sisters and brothers.

And when you’re feeling blue, don’t worry. You’ll pull through.

We know what you’re feeling. We’ve been there too.

We’re here by your side. We’ll lead and we’ll guide.

You can’t finish until you begin.

You’ve done nothing wrong, but you still must be strong.

Someday, you’ll see her again.

We are your Mother, your Father, your Brother.

Living in Heaven, we watch, day by day.

And together we’ve weathered the storms.

So together, we’ll weather this storm.


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