A New Day

Innocent and pure

I was born.

And grew.

And learned.

Good and evil influenced

My decisions.

I had a lamp,

Lit by the Light of Truth.

But slowly I caused it to dim

Through the foolishness of youth.

Upon recognition of my darkened state

I reached for a light

From a higher place.

I watched as that Light

Called, Cried,

Healed, Helped,

Raised, Righted,

Improved, Instructed,

Showed, Shared, Suffered,

Taught, Trusted,

and Died.

And yet,

The Light did not go out.

I felt to watch a dawning,

Rejoicing with angels,

To herald the Light –

The Light of the World.

The Light that opened my heart.

And through all my stumbles,

My falls in the mist,

I hold to my Guide.

I know I can find safety

And bright, shining love,

Sweeter than all.

He lives.


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